"The Head Lice Experts Clinic" business model

Tried and tested from the frontline. In the toughest economic climates. We can now offer you a true solution based business model that will deliver the results you and your clients are looking for.


The Problem of Head Lice & Understanding The Business Opportunity.

Our Story, this is an important message for you to read before proceeding!

We founded The Head Lice Experts Clinics out of a pure passion for the solution to a problem we sought as parents ourselves, that same solution you most likely have found yourself looking for!

The Plague of Head Lice currently ravaging the scalps of children (and adults) worldwide shows no signs of easing anytime soon!

As is the case of almost all clients who pass through our clinics, we tried "everything".  At least we thought we had, truth is the products currently on sale have a very different formula to those we had used on us as children. This is due to recent regulations from the World Health Organisation which banned the use of the certain chemicals and pesticides. Therefore the effectiveness was greatly reduced. In basic terms, the product in the past did most of the work when applied and the intervention through combing completed the process.

Currently its the opposite, the effectiveness of products are minimal as they are dependent on the person applying the treatments to then comb forensically and follow the strict guidelines of the products instructions, and follow up after a week or so under further strict protocol.  Such "workload" is almost never followed through on and furthermore not on all family members, which greatly increases the risk of re infestation. This leads to the perception that pharmacy bought products don't work, this is in fact a misnomer in a lot of cases, the blame has to fall on how the product is used and the process followed through on.

Then you have the sensationalism around "Super Lice", in short, our view and experience tells us that maybe just maybe the evolution of the parasite has led to "Some" resistance, but the simple true fact is, the nasty chemical that previously killed lice are now banned and the new generation of products are less effective as a result. 

Despite this point of view, in the modern world a service based business such as ours is more desired for many other reasons alone and therefore, "THE GAP".

The above is a very brief explanation of the "Reason For Failure" and it is absolutely critical you grasp this before you move forward. Our experience is based on a client base of more than 50,000.00 clients and fact based, not a sensationalization of statistics. The education required around how your extraction based clinic works will deliver you the required results that will, in turn bring you clients day in day out!!

Regardless of your view as a client or potential business owner there is one critical fact you need to clarify which will help you determine the route to clearing head lice -


NOTHING - NO PRODUCT or DEVICE, will do the Job 100%. Combing will at some stage be required to make it 100% successful.  When you examine the small print of the lastest shiniest device or product you will see high percentages of success quoted but never 100% based on their "Magic product or device"  and to get 100% clear, combing WILL be required. Also any claims around such products or devices are based on clinical test environments and not the real world application and execution such as ours.

So let's assume or dream for a moment, and say you use a product that somehow was 100% successful as promised , would you leave the dead lice and eggs (nits) in? - OF COURSE NOT- you would COMB them out! So if you have to comb at this stage why is it important that they are dead or alive?

To Summarise ; Combing is required and yes on varying levels but eventually even if you choose to clear using a product or device at some stage the clinic or client will end up combing.  So despite how most sell their products or services its not about Killing the Lice it's about extraction!!


Our model is designed to deliver on investment.

We have developed a skill set, routines and clinical protocol that are based around a 3 step process that we can confidently and conclusively say will deliver the results your clients desire.

We do so using our unique tools and extensive knowledge base from successfully clearing 10's of thousands of clients. The only occasion a client will require a two stage treatment is in the event of a heavier than normal infestation. And in the event of such a scenario we also have options.

This is where our model wins through, the costs associated with our consumables are minimal. Your staff overhead is already there and using expensive devices and products that ultimately depend on your staff for its

'success, adds costs and even greater costs against double jobing with staff time leading to reduced margin!

The development of this business sector is bringing a range of companies whose model and structure is focused on fast growth that feed large corporate structures.  In comparison with our model, such competitors in the sector have the following;

  • High upfront franchise / license fees

  • High consumables costs.

  • Hidden contribution fees for vague marketing.

  • Costs associated with use of devices on top of consumables.

  • Extra insurance cost associated with using such devices.

  • Extra overhead such as electrical consumption.

We feel its critical to point this out, such a cost structure does not allow the clinic operator to maximise margin and actual net profit.

Our solution is to offer 3 packages, 3 different and transparent levels which include all the tools and knowledge to either start your new business or streamline an existing business.

Each Package also includes product such as combs & brushes which can be used as retail stock to recoup initial investment.


Our Format For Your New Business.

Equipment Package 1

The Perfect Starting Point.

Our experience tells us that the interest for starting a lice removal business comes from personal experience. After experiencing such a relieving and comfortable service the motivation is then to start your own business, to make or replace an income, and possibly have more flexible or free time with the family . "The Holy Grail". 

This can be achieved but is always more work than initially expected given the training and investment required to offer and deliver a first class service..

Our starter package will provide you with the minimum information, training and equipment required to offer a service from home, mobile or from your new premises. This pack is designed for an owner operator with one staff member.

This package is suitable for an owner operator business which may develop further along with some basic additional requirements you are ready to go.

Equipment Package 2

Premium Starter with Support.

This Package will suit an existing business looking to upgrade to a more efficient and profitable process or for a Startup who is serious about where they want to go but has limited funding. Please see below for a full breakdown of equipment included.

As with all packages, included in Package "2" is a generous amount of stock for use or retail to clients which give an immediate return and offset against investment. (Circa €5,500.00) on this basis the net investment to purchase this package is reduced by approximately 50%

Equipment Package 3

Full Partner Package.

This Package is the ultimate solution to joining our network and benefiting from our years of experience and knowledge dealing with 10's of thousands of clients.

Head Lice as a problem that can be researched, and information "About" can be gained.

In relation to the development and execution of a business based around the clearing of Head Lice, this knowledge can only be gained by experience. Theory means little or nothing in this scenario and the road to knowledge and success as a standalone operation is an expensive one. 

As a full Partner operation you can expect a streamlined operation based on the buying criteria of potential clients, which in turn will realise a rewarding return. During our consultation process we will examine your business plan in detail and point out the strengths and weaknesses and outline expected returns and projections.

Pricing explanation below.


Package 1

Starter Pack. 1-2 Staff operation

  • 100 x Head Lice Experts Combs

  • 1 x German manufactured vacuum device

  • 50 x Detangle brushes

  • 25 x Hair clips

  • 250 x parting bobbins

  • 25lt detangling spray

  • 4 Detangling Spray bottles

  • 200 client capes

  • 12 Lice Extractor  vacuum attachments for lice removal. 

  • 150 Lice extractor filters

  • Staff tunic uniforms

  • Staff uniform headband/scarf

  • Admin suite, selection of paperwork and forms required for operation.

  • 3 days training for one person at Dublin HQ*

Price excluding Taxes and Shipping €4,995.00

Package 2

Premium Starter with Support.

  • 400 x Head Lice Experts Combs

  • 2 x German manufactured vacuum device

  • 150 x Detangle brushes

  • 50 x Hair clips

  • 500 x parting bobbins

  • 50lt detangling spray

  • 12 Detangling Spray bottles

  • 750 client capes

  • 24 Lice Extractor vacuum attachments for lice removal.

  • Lice Extractor cleaning station

  • 600 Lice extractor filters

  • Staff tunic uniforms

  • Staff uniform headband/scarf

  • Admin suite, selection of paperwork and forms required for operation.

  • One week (5days) training  for 2 people Dublin HQ

  • 3 months Telephone support

  • Website, localised and dedicated page.

  • Social media platform package, including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Price excluding Taxes and Shipping €9,995.00

Package 3. 

Full Partner Package.

  • Exclusive Territory with a minimum 50km radius. Rural territory will have greater radius.

  • Onsite consultation visit to advise on shopfit and layout.

  • Dual branding representation as "A Member Of The Head Lice Experts Group" *

  • 800 x Head Lice Experts Combs

  • 3 x German manufactured vacuum device

  • 250 x Detangle brushes

  • 150 x Hair clips

  • 500 x parting bobbins

  • 75lt detangling spray

  • 12 Detangling Spray bottles

  • 750 client capes

  • 24 Lice Extractors vacuum attachments for lice removal.

  • 750 Lice extractor filters

  • Staff tunic uniforms

  • Staff uniform headband/scarf

  • Admin suite, selection of paperwork and forms required for operation.

  • two weeks (10 days) training for 2 people.  First week at Dublin HQ & Second week on-site at partners business premises over first 8 weeks training*.

  • Website, localised and dedicated page.

  • 24 hour live Online booking system.

  • Full IT suite including POS system.

  • Social media platform package, including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Price excluding Taxes and Shipping €14,995.00 

*full partner package is subject to a monthly service fee & standard software license fee depending on selected items.


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